These days lifelong learning is not an empty phrase. However, researches have clearly proved the divergence in active participation in adult education among the European Union member states. The European Education Area declared basic principles, such as the quality of training and education, reception, shift to green and digital education, the commitment of teachers and instructors, the importance of higher education, and geopolitical dimension. In 2021, the European Council defined the list of goals to be achieved in the forthcoming years, one essential milestone thereof is that by 2025, 47% of adults aged 25-64 must participate in adult education during the prior 12 months. In the environment triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Union needs to shift its paradigm for skills development more than ever before. The paradigm shift must create an exact skills development programme to support the workplaces. QTICS GROUP contributes to this programme with its expertise as well as its trainings in the field of TIC. Safety has always played an important role in people’s life, nevertheless, it is especially appreciated nowadays. Our company conducts the conformity assessment of products, systems and persons in the field of testing, inspection, and certification,  in addition to providing education and professional support.